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Updated: May 13

The Elcan SU-230/PVS-C or Specter DR is a 1-4x illuminated variable optic. This optic has Dual Field of View(DFOV), meaning it is a fixed 1x or 4x(no in between) with the use of a lever. It has red-dot illumination and can have a MRDS added on top with the correct base plate. If you choose not to add a MRDS, it has a BUIS on top of the topic.

This optic, like many others, is very versatile. It has been found on belt fed machine guns, carbines, and even some marksman rifles. It is built like a tank and has great reputation, but it is not perfect. The biggest complaint is the eye-relief at 70mm.

This optic made it possible for SOCOM to use NVG/Thermal clip on devices without having major bore accuracy issues while switching between night and day operations. The Block II program wouldn't be the same without it.

*Generation 2 SU-230/PVS-C in photo above.

Weight: 21oz (598g)

Mount: A.R.M.S Lever

Windage & Elevation: .5 MOA Water Resistant up to: 66ft up to 2hrs. Shock Resistance: 450 g's

Brightness: 5 Daylight & 2 NVG Options Power Source: DL 1/3 N, 3V Lithium

Operating Temperature: -50° F to +120° F

Battery Life: 300min. to 2000hrs. FOV at 1x: 26° FOV FOV at 4x: 6.5° FOV Eye Relief: 70mm

Ballistic Correction: 200m to 600m for 5.56 NATO


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